After an eventual week that saw the band based in Paris finishing with Glenn becoming ill with Covid, The Dead Daisies finally returned to the stage but in a very different look. Young rising star and current member of Whitesnake Dino Jelusick and former Buckcherry guitarist Yogi Lonich playing bass joined with David, Doug and Brian to deliver a short but dynamic set opening for Judas Priest in Vienne, Lyon in France.

Opening up with ‘Long Way To Go’ in the beautiful open air Theatre Antique, the band tore into the set with a freshness after being off the road for a week, trading off each other and having an enjoyable evening bouncing this new dynamic sound off the enthusiastic crowd.

Dino did an amazing job at very short notice putting his own stamp on songs like ‘Bustle and Flow’, ‘Rise Up’, ‘Dead and Gone’ and latest song ‘Shine On’, finishing with a blistering rendition of ‘Burn’. Tomorrow will see the first of two full shows before returning to the Priest tour. Nothing is stopping the Daisies chain reaction as they continue to Rock across Europe!

Additional photos by Ludo, Chisato, Chart Photography, Camille HENRY, Jean Jacques Gay, Mandy Evans, Nidhal Marzouk


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