Smokin’ hot and sold out – Daisies rock Vauréal

Vauréal, merci beaucoup for coming out to Le Forum yesterday – this must have been the hottest show we’ve EVER played! We had a blast rocking with you and cannot wait for our next France show at Hellfest Open Air today!

Also, thanks a ton for selling Le Forum out to the last place and showing everyone how mighty and indispensable Rock’n’Roll is! You guys made us proud and we’re more than happy to have so many loyal supporters!

France, get ready for another Rock’n’Roll party today! Stage time at Hellfest is 12:15pm and we’ll do a signing session at the Rock Hard booth at 2pm – see you at the show!

DekiSmokin’ hot and sold out – Daisies rock Vauréal