Sleepless in Sunderland

After another successful night on the UK tour, this time in Nottingham, the band boarded the bus and headed for Sunderland in the north east of England. After a three hour journey the band booked in to their hotel.


After a walk around and discovering some of the city it was time to head to the venue. The Point in Sunderland is a regular haunt for rock bands and a band including members of Guns N’ Roses and former Motley Crue singer John Corabi was enough to interest the locals to turn out on mass to check out The Dead Daisies.


As with all shows, the Sabbath/Zeppelin intro tape blasted through the PA as the band made their way to the stage greeted by a big cheer. As the chords rung out for Midnight Moses, Corabi walked on to a huge welcome and the band were off. Going through the usual set list full of Revoluci√≥n numbers, the odd older number like ‘Lock N’ Load’ and ‘Angel In your Eyes’ with a collection of classics like ‘Hush’ to bolster a great set, the Sunderland crowd loved it and showed their appreciation by lining up to meet the band after the show.

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DekiSleepless in Sunderland