Seismic destruction at Sturgis – thank you, Bikers!

Sturgis, we couldn’t imagine any better way to kick off our high-octane tour through the US of A! You have been an awesome crowd and there’s no better party than a biker party!

It felt like a big family reunion and it was awesome to meet so many old friends and to make lots of new ones as well.

And you guys know how to have fun! Loud Rock ’n’ Roll music, oiled-up wrestling, thousands of badass looking bikes, babes and bars everywhere… Sounds like paradise and it sure was!

We feel so welcome amongst you bikers and it’s humbling for us to have teamed up with Harley-Davidson for the Rock N Ride promotion, rolling with us through New York, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and lots of other fantastic cities! The grand finale will take place at The Easyriders Rodeo and the National H.O.G. Rally at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI on September 2. Make sure to stop by!

DekiSeismic destruction at Sturgis – thank you, Bikers!