2023.09.10 TDD_US_DAY_21-45

Like the name of the tour ‘Resurrected’, The Dead Daisies along with the return of John Corabi and other regular Daisies, David Lowy, Doug Aldrich and Brian Tichy with the addition of ‘new boy’ Michael Devin, turned up the heat across Canada and the US on this trek playing some places for the first time in five years. Tonight was the final show, in the heat of Los Angeles, hitting Sunset Boulevard and blowing the roof off the World famous Roxy Theatre. With the bouncing bombastic opening of ‘Resurrected’ into the chugging guitar sounds like a runaway train for ‘Rise Up’, the band were hitting the highs on every turn of the journey through the ‘Best of’ set being served up tonight.

John is in his element fronting the band and taking full control of the audience, making sure they are having as much fun as he is. As they stride from song to song with ‘Miles In Front of Me’, ‘Make Some Noise’, ‘Bustle and Flow’ and ‘Midnight Moses’ the venue goes off like an indoor firework party! When the lights finally go down on the show and the tour, the audience make for the exit knowing that they have been fully Rocked which will make a Monday morning just that little bit easier to face, while the guitars and drums get packed away for a few weeks, then it’s time to head to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

Additional photos by Alan Strommer, Curt Andrews, JD Nash, Joel Sosa, Kenny Stabler, Michelle Meeds, James Burrowes, Bob Bramer, Cathy Ching, Gina Quiles, Enrique Sanches