Its four weeks since The Dead Daisies toured Europe and left their mark at big festivals and sold-out headline shows on their own.
Four weeks did the Daisies tour Europe in July and August, leaving their mark at big festivals and sold-out headline shows on their own. Now they are on the road in the US in support of KISS‘ Freedom To Rock tour, playing arenas and bringing the new album ‘Make Some Noise‘ to the people. One thing is apparent on both sides of the Atlantic: There is an obvious and noticeable escalation in the interest of the band.

One such place that this became evident was the Ramblin Man Fair in Kent, England, exactly one month ago. When the band took to the main stage in the early afternoon of Saturday 23rd July, they brought a determination and a conviction, which made a lasting impression on many fans and visitors. Loads of comments reached the Daisies HQ, and they kept coming…

So we compiled some of them here to look back at a great gig of a great tour. Some of them hit even harder than others… So needless to say: Europe, we will be back!

„Awesome set at Ramblin Man! Best band of the day! Totally rocked it!“
Spencer Pearson

„Wow. Ramblin Man! Blown away! It all ended too soon.“
Wendy Barton

„Knockout set! Took the Rambling Man festival by the short and curlies and smashed it. By far the best sound of the day and by a country mile the best newcomers to the big rock n roll stage.“
Dougie Burns

„Fantastic, high energy band that work their socks off. If the guys on stage are having a good time you can’t but help to enjoy it.“
Andy Burnham

„Loved them. Love any band with Marco in it. The guy is infectious.”
Alan Train

Midlands Metalheads Radio did an interview with Marco at Ramblin’ Man. Check it out here.


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