It was the final night of the Canadian leg of the Resurrected Tour, and it was a busy one. Once again, the crowds were lined up far down the street before filing into the Hollywood Theatre for a night of awesome and very loud Rock n’ Roll! Vancouver has been the place where many huge albums have been recorded from bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and AC/DC and it has a big Rock fanbase. When the lights went down there was a massive roar from the audience as the opening chords to Resurrected broke out. The band exploded into the set and captivated the audience from the start! One reviewer was so mesmerised by the band’s performance, they had to remind themselves to take mental notes.

It was a hot night in Vancouver both outside and inside the venue, and hot both physically and creatively as John led the guys through a set that was full of big numbers, if this was a lottery, everybody would have won tonight! The Canadian part of the tour may have come to an end, but there are many very happy people, young and old who have loved these performances from the band who are bigger fans than they were already or in many cases have just discovered their new favourite band! Now it’s time for the USA!

Additional photos by Ken L Ryan, Rob Anderson, Sandy Hyde, Warren McCulloch, Chris Gelling, Cam Traviss, John Weirmeir, David Anderson, Shawn Sand, John Napoletano, Jennifer Leigh Lavigne, Jay Radke