The second Italian show of the tour is in the beautiful coastal town of Trieste. This one is particularly spectacular as it’s in a castle outdoors and overlooking the city. The views are amazing and the venue Castello di San Giusto is Rockin!

The band arrives later tonight at the venue as stage times kick off at 10pm. The hotel is only ten minutes from the venue, so the band arrives in plenty of time to relax, warm up and prepare for the show.

Once again and only for the second time ever, the band took to the stage as a three piece with guitar, bass, drums and vocal and put on an explosive performance. The stripped down sound rips some of the standard Daisies tracks like ‘Holy Ground’ a more primitive and raw sound that still maintains the overall power of the songs. As with every night, the Deep Purple classic ‘Burn’ makes it appearance to a very loud and appreciative Italian audience. Next up, it’s the Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic.

Additional photos by Roy Maffezzoli, Giovanni Esposito, LorenzLibeDrummer, Tihomir Kešelj, Michele Fontana, Mary Lane Guarisco, Andrea Stoppa, Davide, Slavko Franca, Andrea Stoppa