Rockin’ all over the world – from Prague to Dublin!

On July 18th, the Daisies played the first acoustic show of the tour at Hard Rock Cafe Prague – and what a show that was! Next on the schedule is the first headline show, taking place at Dublin’s Academy on July 20th. So band and crew did what a working Rock’n’Roll band has to do – get on the road and travel to the next city! As usual there was a lot of time to kill at the airport, but there’s one thing that always helps: A beer or two! After all the rocking and rolling of the past couple of days, pretty much everyone fell asleep on the plane.

In Dublin, the band got back to the tour bus which had come to Ireland from Germany without the people. So the guys finally got a hold of their suitcases again. Rumours that John was ‘taking his suitcase to his room to make love to it’ could not be verified.

The next day the Daisies met the press: Brian and Doug did an interview with Radio Nova – and talked to the same presenters they met four years ago with Whitesnake. After chilling out during the afternoon, the group heads to the Phil Lynott statue right by the hotel. Marco gets recognised by the locals who are busking and chats to them. They are going to bring a bass for him the next day and he is going to jam a Lizzy song with them by the statue.

Everyone takes pics and pays respect to the great man, and then of course it’s Guinness time! Well deserved, it’s also a boiling hot day so a nice cold beer goes down well.


DekiRockin’ all over the world – from Prague to Dublin!