2023.12.03 BUDAPEST_DAY_3-96

Barba Negra is a favourite for The Dead Daisies. If the walls in this Budapest venue could talk, they would have some great stories to tell, and certainly a few from some of the great performances over the years by the Daisies. In a tour that has seen many shows sold out weeks in advance while many of the others do that on the night, Hungary’s loyal Daisies audience don’t let them down with another packed out show.

Once again, the ‘Corabi’s back’ effect continues to excite fans, and with a performance that cements another great story on these walls, it’s no wonder they want the band to keep playing all night. From the opening chords of ‘Resurrected’ to the closing thunderous drums of ‘Slide It In’, once again, The Dead Daisies own the stage with a performance that is comparable to some giants of Rock that have played this city over the decades like The Rolling Stones and Queen. Hungary loves the Daisies and the band loves to play here! Next up is Vienna!

Additional photos by Eva Varga, Tunde Paksa, Gabriella Illies