We made our return to France for the second and last time on this tour with a trip to Marseille.

This is a huge city sitting on the Mediterranean coast, so its nice to feel some warmth and breathe the sea air before heading to the venue in the centre of the city where the temperature can rise just a bit too much.

The venue Le Moulin used to be an old cinema before guys like us started coming down and blasting our guitars, and you felt that old style vibe while playing the DaisyLand show. We had a large crowd last night for both acoustic and electric shows and the atmosphere was just that, electric.

With ‘Rise Up’, the crowd immediately were getting into the rhythm of the night. Along with ‘Burn It Down’, ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘Mexico’ among others, sparks were flying and the audience were loving every minute of our very loud show.

Next, we head to Italy for two shows!