2023.08.23 TDD_US_DAY_3-54

The Landis in Vineland New Jersey has become a regular stop in recent tours for The Dead Daisies, and it’s no surprise, because every time fans pack it out and help create a real party atmosphere. It may be a seated venue but it’s not long before everyone in the place is standing, jumping, punching the air and singing their hearts out. The band, like the tour title, is Resurrected and ready to rock!

Every song on this tour setlist hits the spot, but tonight, some of the highlights included ‘Face I Love’, ‘Born To Fly’ and ‘With You and I’. John Corabi is a natural born frontman and on occasion the funniest man in the house. His band introductions had the crowd in tears of laughter. Closing out the show with ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Long Way To Go’ and ’Slide It In’, it’s no wonder that the crowd didn’t want to go home, they would have kept the party going all night if they could. Next up, it’s a return to the land of the maple leaf! The Dead Daisies have not played Canada since 2018!

Additional photos by Aaron Fink, Steven Smith, Misty Kreider Roseman Bencak, Mitch Gerber, Dawn Marie Dillon, Doug Trimble, The Landis, Anthony Perina, Bill White, Greg Jenne, Joey Lampassi, Tammie Hughes, Joey Alvich, Maria Featherstone, Mitch Gerber, John Webb, Phil Wax, Tom Napoli