Day 14 – Dec 17th 2019

GROUP 5D9A9996

As the final day arrived, Doug and Glenn would spend the day finishing off tracks with Ben and getting them to a stage for him to do some production work over the coming weeks. Everyone will meet up in LA in January just to add any last minute touches including backing vocals.

For now, it is time to turn down the volume, switch off the amps, put away the guitars, back-up all the hard drives and have a final walk around this beautiful place where we have recorded this new body of work which we hope one day will earn the right to be thought of as a ‘classic album’.

Our farewell meal was a beautiful lamb roast prepared by our chefs who are now our friends, Doug and Glen. Conversation, laughter and some great memories recording this album were talked about around the dinner table before we all said our goodbyes. We all head in different directions at different times in the morning.

Day 13 – Dec 16th 2019


The south of France is living up to what we expect at the moment, with beautiful sunrises, glorious morning skies and long stretches of blue cloudless expanse for the majority of the daylight hours.

The band will not see too much of that blue sky over the next couple of days as they are busy pulling the last part of the album together. Lead guitars and lead vocals are the main order of the last few days, and both Doug and Glenn are extremely busy working with Ben to pull all their respective parts together so Ben can take it all away and create a finished masterpiece.

Ben was not only the centre of attention holding court in the control room as he gathered all the recorded parts, but also at the dinner table in the evening as he was celebrating his birthday. Chefs Doug and Glen had pulled out all the stops and prepared a huge cake full of strawberries, chocolate and cream which everyone had seconds and by tomorrow probably thirds as well.

Day 12 – Dec 15th 2019

Sunday was a bright and beautiful day to rise to. With only a few days until Wednesday when the band leave, the work rate is heavy and long everyday at the moment.

Glenn has completed all his bass parts with a couple more vocals to do, Deen has already completed the drums. Doug and David have done the bulk of their guitar work, however, it’s all the ‘fairy dust’ parts that need to be sprinkled over the tracks, those parts you may miss on a first listen but keep discovering every time you play a song. With only Monday and Tuesday left for recording, there is only a small window to add those final pieces of magic to the record.

Elina from The Deadly Daisys enjoyed her final evening at the studio, and there was a hearty beef bourguignon on the menu tonight to give her a wonderful send off. As with everyday at the moment, everyone retired early so they can start early leading into the final countdown.

Day 11 – Dec 14th 2019


As the clock counts down to the final day in the studio, the work rate is increasing and becoming more intense. Everyone was up and ready to start early today as Ben prepared the tracks. David was first up to continue putting down more of his solid rhythm guitar parts creating a great bed of melodies for Doug to inflict his high powered solos over the top.

Glenn was also in action today, but this time it was back to bass duties as he continued to put down more of his signature deep, rattled, bone-shaking bass tones into this collection of thunderous new tracks.

After another great dinner prepared by two of Liverpools finest chefs Glen and Doug, this time it was Cod on the menu with Ginger the cat never too far away, everyone headed for their rooms early so they could be ready for an early start on Sunday.

Day 10 – Dec 13th 2019


This morning the weather decided to be not so kind to us, as the rain lashed down, although as the day grew older it started to dry out and eventually brighten. Once again, it was a very busy day in the studio. David was busy putting down as many of his guitar parts as possible.


Like a conveyor belt, once David had done his parts for the day, Glenn took his place behind the microphone to add more of his unique voice to the textures of the new songs. After dinner, Doug would take his turn and add even more dramatic guitar solos to some of the new records biggest tracks.

Elina from Finland who is a part of The Deadly Daisys group arrived just in time for the Duck dinner. Elina will be spending the weekend watching the band record the new album before sharing her experience on the Daisies website next week. Everyone was very pleased to see her, especially as she brought special Finnish chocolate.


Day 9 – Dec 12th 2019


David Lowy arrived on Wednesday evening ready to start putting down his rhythm guitar parts. Ben lined up all the tracks this morning ready for David to come in and work his parts into the mix of each song, each of them taking on a life of their own. Joining David in the studio were Doug and Glenn who had already put their guitar and bass parts down.

Later in the day, Glenn returned to the vocal booth to add more magical singing parts, which continue to add and add to each track. Just when you thought nothing else could be added to a song to make it even greater, along comes Glenn and knocks his performance out of the park.

Dinner tonight was beef, nice, solid and juicy, a bit like the album itself. With a week left to finish all the main parts of this album, its coming together nicely and will hopefully in time earn the label of a classic album.

Day 8 – Dec 11th 2019


With Glenn giving his voice a rest on Tuesday, it was time for him to exercise his vocal chords, stretch them and limber them up, so once again he could push his spectacular voice beyond the realms of possibility.

Firstly, everyone sat down to breakfast, while Mark, one of the media team who had dropped in for a couple of days was heading home to Scotland. After all the goodbyes were said it was straight to work for Glenn.

Ben Grosse has really dug out the most ‘out of the world’ performances from the band on this record. Yesterday he did it with Doug on his guitar solos and today it was with Glenn and his voice. The power alone in the voice before even adding the monstrous riffs will continually send shivers down your spine.

Day 7 – Dec 10th 2019


Glenn was down early for breakfast today so he could finish some bass parts with Ben. As the songs start to come together, Glenn’s thunderous bass sound binds around the new songs giving them power and strength.

By late morning Glenn went off for a walk as Doug took over to start working on lead guitar parts. The whole bottom end of the studio complex was engulfed in a continuous sonic boom from the guitar amps situated at the other end of the building. Apart from a break for dinner, Doug continued working through until late in the evening creating some jaw dropping solos.

Glen and Doug the chefs once again prepared another mouthwatering meal with a personal recipe called Uncle Faveous’s Chicken. It was well received by all at the dinner table and topped off by a gorgeous chocolate mousse.

Everyone retired to the control room for a short while before going their separate ways with another busy day ahead.


Day 6 – Dec 9th 2019


It was late morning before everyone started to appear today in preparation for a long busy day ahead. It was vocal day today.

Once Ben set up the console for the start of the session, Glenn entered the vocal booth where he would spend much of the day. Everyone knows the power of his voice, but it’s only when you are sitting in a studio environment hearing the bare, raw vocal that you feel the sheer power of his voice, it really is a force of nature.

After working hard throughout the day, it was time to take a rest and so we all headed for dinner. Tonight’s menu consisted of onion soup followed by hake and vegetables, another hit with the team.

Paula and Ginger were never too far away wandering around the main entrance as everyone started to retire for the evening. Tomorrow it’s time for Doug to do his thing.

Day 5 – Dec 8th 2019


Today was the time for Glenn to take the microphone in-hand and give it some full throttle attack as he entered the zone to put some seriously wide ranging vocals down for all the world to hear. Although the team had heard Glenn put down guide tracks a few days earlier, it wasn’t until now that the full force of his vocal agility and flexibility had been witnessed in its full glory.

Doug spent what was left of the working day working on guitar sounds with his bank of amplifiers and range of guitars including the goldtop Les Paul, the studio Les Paul and his custom telecaster. With the sound dialed into the mix, he is now set-up to put down some explosive guitars throughout Mondays sessions.

As everyone wound down for the day, we all gathered in the usual meeting place of the dining room where the crew and band (just Doug and Glenn at the moment) relaxed, chatted on various topics other than the days recording, and in-between, tucked in to a fantastic roast chicken dinner.

The studio dog Paula was never too far away, always looking for the odd tasty treat. However, she has had too many little treats recently and has been put on a diet by the vet. That didn’t stop her lapping up the attention of everyone and in particular Glenn who is missing his own collection of canine friends.

Day 4 – Dec 7th 2019


A location can inspire and give resurgence to creative people, and La Fabrique studios hidden in the forests of southern France is the perfect place for music to be discovered. With one of the largest collections of vinyl in Europe along with inspirational surroundings, diamonds of the musical kind are being discovered day by day.

Glenn and Doug can be found hidden away deep within the recording rooms of the chateau. Doug using his guitar like a Harry Potter wand and Glenn adding his magical vocals to tracks now. With a collection of gems being found in this enchanted playground, completion of this inspiring collection of songs is not far away.

As the day comes to a close, like wizards gathering for their annual coven, everyone descended on the dining room to celebrate another day filled with music, discovery and long-time friends, as Ossy Hoppe, a long-time friend of Glenn and the band joined them for a grand banquet.

Day 3 – Dec 6th 2019

As everyone arose to start another heavy day in the studio, in-house residents Paula (the dog) and, Ginger (the cat) were already half-way through their day playing in the leaves and having their morning sabbatical. Their friend Lyon (another ginger cat) has returned to Paris after a couple of weeks hanging out. Previously Lyon heard The Dead Daisies were coming to record at La Fabrique so he headed to one of his favourite places, to check them out.

Paula likes to get involved in the recording process regularly checking in to the piano room and studio to listen to our rocking tunes coming together. Ginger tends to be slightly more put out with the constant interruptions of loud guitars disturbing her sleeping schedule. For Doug, Glenn & Ben it was a very intense day, finishing of some arrangements and recording.

As Paula checked the evening meal was going to be on time, we pulled up for a delectable roast dinner skillfully prepared by chefs Doug & Glen along with a glass of delicious French red wine. Paula and Ginger licked their lips after finishing a fabulous dinner then headed for their tenth nap of the day.

Day 2 – Dec 5th 2019


As day broke at La Fabrique, there was an obvious chill in the air. Coats and warm clothing were required for any fresh air strolls, however inside, it was warming up as Glenn continued to add his bass guitar parts.

The songs are starting to live and breath as each intricate part is built onto their individual frames, and the deep solid foundation of Glenns bass lines start to give each track its structure.

While recording, a few guests have dropped by to see how the album is shaping up. One of those is Fred Traube, our sports guy. Fred is the man leading various campaigns to have our music successfully played in places like NFL and baseball games across the US.

As with everyday, it was finished off with an amazing dinner. Tonight we had a superb salmon dish which the studio cats observed close by quietly hoping they may be able to participate in any unfinished fish on the plate.

Tomorrow is another day, with another set of challenges and aims that producer Ben Grosse will navigate towards the finishing point later this month.

Day 1 – Dec 4th 2019


On Tuesday, the team started to arrive from various parts of the globe to La Fabrique Studios in the south of France. It is time to record the next piece of the jigsaw that will result in the new game changer album by The Dead Daisies.

Glenn arrived later, David arrives next week while Deen who has finished all his drum parts is staying at home to mow the lawn(!) (he will be back for a final session to record backing vocals in Los Angeles at the start of the year). Meanwhile Doug got set up and ready to go.

Glenn was straight into the studio on arrival to start recording bass parts. With the introduction of his growling bass, the songs are starting to metamorphosize into huge monsters set free in the studio.

With the work done for the day, everyone sat down to another amazing culinary classic from chefs Doug and Glen. Tonights menu was roast duck with all the trimmings.

After dinner Doug headed back with producer Ben to lay more guitars while Glenn tuned into watch his beloved Wolves play West Ham United in the English Premiership (2-0 Wolves). Glenn went to bed a happy man.