Photographer Katarina Benzova’s Favorite Pics from Cuba

The Dead Daisies’ photographer Katarina Benzova has put together a gallery of her favorite photos from Cuba.

A94A0059 A94A0082 A94A0241 A94A0325 A94A0333 A94A1283 A94A9953 A94A9990 A94A0914 A94A7189 A94A7247 A94A9242-2 A94A9478 A94A9529 A94A7237 A94A7309 A94A8465 A94A6872 A94A8628 copy A94A6637 A94A6116 A94A6012 A94A5897 A94A5032 A94A6128 A94A2611

To see more of Kat’s pics CLICK HERE

DekiPhotographer Katarina Benzova’s Favorite Pics from Cuba

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