Massive fun & massive crowd from all over the world at Hellfest!

Wow, what a sight! An ocean of people! We’ll never get tired of this, we can tell you that… The crowd at Hellfest was really big, really loud and really awesome. What a great day for Rock’n’Roll! Check out the video footage of our ballad (yeah, right!) „Mainline“. We thoroughly enjoyed all of that, guys!

Hellfest is one fine festival visited by fans from all over the world. We could see many flags in the crowd, like the US and Norwegian one. Rock’n’Roll truly is worldwide, baby. The guest area even had a swimming pool, we got our own Daisies-branded Jägermeister, and Gibson was on site with their very, very cool Gibson bus, where John and Doug even pulled out an impromptu cover of „Walk This Way“. Nice! One cool thing with festivals is the people that you meet. Rockers, friends, fans, fellow musicians – and sometimes even fantasy creatures: We got to hang out with our buddies in Steel Panther and the girls from the World Of Warcraft team! Enjoy!

DekiMassive fun & massive crowd from all over the world at Hellfest!

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