Marco Mendoza Answers Questions From Our Q&A

Marco has answered his first round of questions from our Facebook Q&A.

QUESTION 1 – Mariane – What was the most amazing show you ever played?

ANSWER: I always like to say I have had some highlights as far as gigs are concerned but the most amazing show ever is yet to happen.

QUESTION 2 – James Norcross  -What stomp boxes/effects do you use & which is your favorite

ANSWER: as far as pedals ? I use them according to whats needed …… E B S , T C Electronic and Korg

QUESTION 3 – Susan Chee Quee  – Your confidence and self expression shows in your dress style and candid interviews. I would have thought you’d be a lead guitarist, pouring out your soul. How do you channel your uniqueness and through the bass?

ANSWER: Thank you for your compliments! I found that getting sober  twenty something years ago gave me the opportunity and the confidence to be O K  with who I was, to be able to express myself through my bass playing and my singing and music, to express in a more direct way, without any mind altering substances in the way, being O K in my own skin !!!

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DekiMarco Mendoza Answers Questions From Our Q&A