2023.08.30 TDD_US_DAY_10-49

It’s been a while since The Dead Daisies were last in Montreal and it’s been some journey since the very first show here at the start of the bands career! One thing that has always remained is the passion and enthusiasm of the fans, they love it when you come here, you just need to listen to the level of noise in any live show in this city! The band were welcomed on stage like a long lost lover, and right from the start to the finish, it was one big party!

The big singalong song from the first album ‘Miles In Front Of Me’ had the venue bouncing and is a great track to reflect how far the band have come. ‘Unspoken’, ‘Born To Fly’, ‘With You and I’ all had huge reactions as John, David, Doug, Brian and Michael powered through a set of wall to wall anthems. When they finally reached the last song, a great rendition of Whitesnakes ’Slide It In’, the crowd just wanted more and didn’t want to go home. Another memorable night in Montreal was etched into the memories of everyone here. Next up is a return to Ottawa!

Additional photos by Mark Owens, Rob McArthur, Ray Gosselin, John S Luekemeyer, Andrilei Jessé Moreira, Yanick Sasseville, Melanie Gagnon, Perrin Wolfson, Freddie Ryden, Nadia Caselle, John Wilkinson, Jon Perron