2023.08.26 TDD_US_DAY_6-34

As the band work their way through Canada for the first time in five years, the next stop was London! It may sit on the Thames River, but it is very much a Canadian city with its own identity. It has its own group of very eager Rock fans who descended on the London Music Hall in the early evening for The Dead Daisies concert. A minor malfunction with an amp was quickly corrected by the tech team as the show was about to start, then the band launched with ‘Resurrected’ and ‘Rise Up’ as they arrived on-stage to kick off another night of loud and unforgettable Rock anthems for the fans.

Corabi was in full flight leading the way and exchanging banter with the audience and his fellow musicians. The Canadian crowd were hungry for some loud Rock music and they definitely let it show. Favourite tunes turned out to be ‘Long Way to Go’ and ‘Mexico’. The guys really sold these numbers putting on their dancing shoes with a little touch of choreography and a whole lot of energy. Next up, the band heads to Kitchener to continue this Rock n’ Roll juggernaut!

Additional photos by Maxime Robinson, Danielle Villeneuve, Jean-Philippe Tosti, Scott Mayo, Moe Cullity