Lock ’N’ Load



Its 9am down in paradise

A young boy stares through empty eyes

Makes his bed but in his head voices cry

Saying its time to go

So look out


He always thought he’d see his name in lights

Everybody laughed at him no one realized

What he meant when he said its time

Its time to go


And no one can help him now

His minds already gone

Lock’N’Load .. Kiss the world goodbye

Lord when the serpent crawled through that open doo

Lock’N’Load .. no one heard his cries

Can you tell me why ?


Guitar Riff/ Chorus


When you can’t take it anymore

Where do you go where do you turn

Deep in your head voices burn

And you can’t escape

No you can’t run away


Solo /Breakdown


Dead man walking won’t live to fight

Children falling on every side

And he just stands there with empty eyes

Saying its time to go



DekiLock ’N’ Load

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