It has felt like a long-time coming to arrive back in the US for this tour, but finally, The Dead Daisies are back with their friends KISS to help them give ‘Freedom to Rock’ across the States.

The first day started the way the rest of the tour will continue, very busy. In the early morning, the band appeared on WFRV-TV in Green Bay to play acoustic numbers and talk about the new album and touring with KISS. This was followed by radio interviews for a KISS special to be aired later in the day.

Arriving at the venue, the band found themselves in familiar surroundings with the KISS trucks, giant sets and four very big guys backstage, Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric. After the first sound-check of the tour, the band were ready to rock!

As the Sabbath/Zep intro music blasted out through the giant PA speakers, the crowd let up a huge cheer, The Dead Daisies are one of only a few bands that KISS fans have taken to heart and in general, always receive a warm welcome.

‘Midnight Moses’ erupted from the stage, and the band took off, not only for tonight but the whole tour! Favourites from the last US trek, ‘Mexico’ and ‘With You and I’ were squeezed tightly in to set fitted fully with ‘Make Some Noise’ cuts including the title track and first single ‘Long Way to Go’. Finishing off with regular favourite ‘Helter Skelter’, the short but powerful set on this first night of the tour was over. Taking a bow to a very enthusiastic crowd, the band headed backstage.

Thank you Green Bay and to all our new fans and friends, see you next time!