Jon Stevens Interview – The Rock Rag, LA


“If you haven’t yet heard of Dead Daisies, one of the best bands that played at Uproar, you soon will. Lead singer Jon Stevens, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus on guitar. ROCK RAG sat down with this amazingly talented lineup at the Uproar Festival. You must check them out if you get a chance.

ROCK RAG: Jon, first of all, you’ve been performing on the Uproar tour with a boot on your foot. Can you describe the injury?

Jon: Well, I was fishing for crabs Down Under, where I live, and a crocodile came up for one of the crabs. 24 hours later, I was airlifted out of there. We go diving a lot along the Great Barrier Reef and stuff happens sometimes.” – The Rock Mag

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DekiJon Stevens Interview – The Rock Rag, LA