At long last, the boys are getting back to an Italian stage! Two nights to celebrate the wonderful Italian people and culture with a show in Trieste tomorrow, but tonight it is the turn of Milan. The band arrived in this beautiful city bursting with character the day before and made the most of their time off to discover some of the sights.

The venue tonight is Fabrique, and it’s packed with an Italian audience that can’t wait to finally rock once more with The Dead Daisies. A couple of familiar faces in the crowd tonight, fans from the US on holiday, always great to see both old friends as well as making new ones, which there were some in the audience tonight.

Due to a family emergency, David Lowy had to temporarily leave the tour, meaning the band would perform for the first time ever as a power trio.

The Daisies burst onto the stage at 9pm ready to rock the house, launching with a barrage of great Rock numbers that have become standard for The Dead Daisies show, like ‘Unspoken’, ‘Rise Up’, ‘Bustle and Flow’ and new single ‘Radiance’. Although playing as a trio has a slightly different feel, they managed to give a powerful and energetic performance that the crowd loved. Next up is Trieste.

Additional photos by Johannes Huber, Michele Aldeghi, Rob, Sergione Infuso, Spazio Rock, Matteo, Laura PII, Umberto Alati Harley, Mark Denkley