Italia, that was grandioso!

Thank you for making yesterday a very special day, Italy – you rock!

Before heading to Bergamo for our evening show, we spent our day at Milan and enjoyed our time at an awesome rock bar called Rock’n’Roll Milano. We really liked the amazing vibe there!

We hung out, did a few interviews and played some acoustic songs later – always a nice compensation to getting live and louder in the evenings!

However, our headline show at Druso Bergamo was hot and sweaty like hell… you bet! This is how we like our Rock’n’Roll shows and we enjoyed partying with you BIG TIME \m/

You guys did a great job singing along with us as you can see here:

After finishing our set, we did a big signing session and it was so great to meet you all! It’s always an honor to see how dedicated you are and how important our music is to you – that means a lot to us!

Unfortunately we had to leave this morning… Next stop: Zurich! Get ready!

DekiItalia, that was grandioso!