TDD-10.12.22- Dublin-51

It has been a while Dublin! 2016 was the last time The Dead Daisies hit the city which was the first tour for Doug Aldrich. Many things have changed in that time, but Doug’s love of Guinness is still the same!

After a couple of days off in the Irish capital including visiting the famous statue of one of Ireland’s finest ever Rock stars, Phil Lynott, it was finally showtime.

As ‘Long Way To Go’ charged into action like a Runaway train, the band hit the stage at full force and showed exactly what the Dublin audience had been missing for so long. ‘Face Your Fear’, ‘Born to Fly’ and ‘Shine On’ all from the latest album were fired out much to the delight of the crowd. This would be the first time the Irish fans would see Glenn fronting The Dead Daisies, so they had the added treat of hearing the former Deep Purple member sing two of their classics with both ‘Mistreated’ and ‘Burn’ part to the set which now sound like they are Daisies classics.

Next up is Belfast. The band will travel north and hit The Limelight on Sunday night, so make sure you have your tickets while you can.

Additional photos by Robert Sutton, Alex, Antonia Onyx, Carl Ó Fúaraín, Darren Darker, Igor Landini, Ioana Purcarea, Luiz Fernand, Michael Crosbie, Stefan Tivodar, Jimmy Del