Interview with Jon Stevens & David Lowy – Beyond the Pit

Beyond the Pit was lucky enough to get permission to sit down for a bit and pick the brains of Jon Stevens & David Lowy of the new “Supergroup” The Dead Daisies on the Chicago stop of the Rockstar Uproar Festival.

BTP – How did The Dead Daisies get start

JS – Basically, David and I initially just got together to write some songs and it turned into this prolific period of creativity and chemistry. It just sort of went from there, right into recording within about two months. So, here’s this record and we were invited to open for ZZ Top and Aerosmith heard about us and asked us to open for them on their Australian tour and well, here we are. Its been kind of a whirlwind for a couple of young blokes like us.

BTP – The sound that you have is a mix of 70’s, 80’s, arena rock feel. Where does that come from inside you.

JS – Well, when we first got together really, we just listed our favorite bands of all time (Faces, Free & Bad Co.) and decided to write some songs in that art. We just wanted to do something where musicians play instruments because we’re live players. We wanted to make real music with guitar playing , strong chorus’. Just simple music, not some electronic based stuff like a lot of bands are doing right now.

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DekiInterview with Jon Stevens & David Lowy – Beyond the Pit