2023.08.27 TDD_US_DAY_7-24

As the wheels on the bus continue round and round across Canada, next stop is Kitchener! Three shows in a row before a break on Monday, but these road warriors show no signs of slowing down, the opposite in fact, they are fully energised and ready to ROCK the next show. The Hub in Kitchener is an intimate venue that is packed to near capacity with Daisies fans that have been starved of live music from the band for too long, and it’s hot! When John and the boys step onto the stage, the collective noise from both the crowd and the band hitting the first number could have taken the roof off the place!

With a set full of big songs reflecting the ‘Best of’ album, every one of them gets a loud cheer. From the opening bars of ‘Resurrected’ through to the closing of ’Slide It In’ the band can do no wrong. Doug and David are throwing shapes across the stage with youthful energy along with the new guy Michael not far behind. There is a fire in the Kitchener tonight in the shape of Rock n’ Roll, bursting out in flames from the Hub, and both fans and band are glowing from the heat! The Rock will resume on Tuesday when the band arrives to crank it up in Hamilton!

Additional photos by Keri-Lynn Hepburn, Mark Skinner