2023.08.29 TDD_US_DAY_9-66

As the tour jumped back to life after a day of rest, the band were all fired up to hit the stage once more. After basing themselves in nearby Burlington for a couple of days and exploring the sites, it was time for business! The Hamilton venue was full with eagerly waiting fans, and when the band hit the stage with Resurrected, the place erupted. Doug attacked the riff like his life depended on it, running around the stage like a teenager as Corabi had his trademark cheeky grin while letting everyone know ‘I’m back’ from the lyrics of the song. Doug was joined by David in the twin attack of guitars throughout with some big highlights tonight like ‘Bustle and Flow’ and ‘Make Some Noise’ where the audience focused on John as he made sure everyone in the place clapped their hands and shouted back the words ‘Make Some Noise’!

The rhythm section of Brian and Michael have played countless times together over the years and it showed as they drove every song hard and fast and only pulled back when the groove insisted. ‘Dead and Gone’ and ‘Face I Love’ were more highlights in yet another show that showed just how great a collection of songs The Dead Daisies have written and created in the past ten years! Next up is Montreal, known to have one of the loudest crowds in Canada!

Additional photos by Estevan Vedovelli, Daniel Myles, Connor Hutcheon, Bill Yeomans, Dianne Gorringe, Paul Clever, Don Kovacs, Core Entertainment, Allyson Wachsberg