We asked some of our fan club members to send in stories about memories both personal and in a bigger context of events in rock music or connected with rock music that really made an impact on their lives.
Mark who looks after the fan club remembers learning of the death of John Lennon and how he can relate to that huge memory as a start of his own musical journey.
Suzanne Price from England had a more personal and touching experience with our very own Marco Mendoza. “One of the most heart-warming moments and a memory that will never fade is Marco playing and singing to the children of Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool.”
As a patron, Marco has visited twice now. “He brought his guitar and accompanied me to visit the children and staff at Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool where he sang and played for the children – he has such a captivating personality, the children and staff love him spending time at the hospice. To see the smiles on their faces, the interaction, when Marco was singing was magical, and literally brought me to tears. We couldn’t ask for a more caring Patron.”
If you have any great rock memories, please share them with us.
Marco visiting a children's hospice in Liverpool, England.

Marco visiting a children’s hospice in Liverpool, England.