Gotta Have Gear – Alex Carapetis chats to Drum Head Mag

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Alex Carapatis, drummer for hard-rocking band The Dead Daisies, revealed that one piece of gear he’s gotta have. Says Alex, “My new favorite piece of gear is my Roland SPD-SX. I use triggers on my drums with most projects I’m playing with these days.

“The SPD-SX is super cool because I can load my own customized samples / album samples (often using samples from the record) in and make the drums on the gig sound more like the album rather than a straight-up acoustic kit—especially because in today’s music world, programmed / electronic drums are popular and I can create a hybrid balance between a live and programmed vibe. Looking forward to using it on the UPROAR tour with The Dead Daisies.”

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DekiGotta Have Gear – Alex Carapetis chats to Drum Head Mag