Don’t drive so slowly Don’t talk so long

I got a million things that’s waiting to get done

Don’t be distracted Don’t shoot your mouth

You know I want you But I can do without


Yeah I’m on the run from what I don’t know

Are we ever gonna get there or do we take it slow


It’s gonna take time

That we don’t have .. x2


I’ll push it forward I’ll push it till it breaks

Yeah I’ll get it done and you won’t have to wait

Oh yeah I love ya  But nothing stays the same

Are we getting closer  Or falling out again


Yeah I’m on the run from what I don’t know

Are we gonna hold on or are we letting go


Coz its gonna take time

That we don’t have .. We don’t have it baby x 2




Tell me is this really where you wanna be

Living on the edge of what’s reality

Or is that you slipping away from me oh baby


Chorus x 3 with bridge underneath




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