Going Dutch in Weert

We have arrived in Europe! First up was Holland, home of windmills, tulips and a quite a few beautiful women. After a day off in Eindhoven our first gig last night was in Weert which is close to the Belgian border.

DaisyLand was once again full with familiar faces, with lots of friends that we have made over the years and a few new ones. Deen sang a great version of ‘Maggie May’ which the audience loved.

The show at night was amazing. Every time we come to Holland we are greeted with such a great reception, and it was good to see more new faces in the crowd, getting their first experience of The Dead Daisies. The concert was sold out by the time we came on to play ‘Midnight Moses’.

After another fun packed evening playing our favorite songs to our favorite friends, we headed off to Zoetermeer and next Dutch show tonight.

DekiGoing Dutch in Weert