Second night of the KISS tour, this time in Fort Wayne Indiana. As with every night with KISS, everything is amplified! Bigger crowd, Bigger sound and some pretty big guys backstage in heels and make-up!

As the guys psyched up in the dressing room they jammed some Aerosmith. The last minute inspiration was enough for Doug Aldrich to sling on a Joe Perry inspired red BC Rich Bich owned by Brian Tichy.

Entering onto the stage to the now traditional opening theme of Led Zep/Sabbath, the band led by John Corabi fired like a missile into ‘Midnight Moses’ and immediately shattered any illusion with KISS fans who had not already been converted to the cause that this band are the real deal!

‘Make Some Noise’ continues to have praise heaped upon it from all sides of the music press, media and fans, and tonight the crowd were treated to a wholesome banquet of music from that grand opus. The title track, first single ‘Long Way To Go’, ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ and the popular standards ‘Join Together’ and ‘Fortunate Son’ all pumped out of the massive PA.

Forty five minutes is a short time to have the opportunity to make an impression, especially to someone else’s crowd, but the band, full of infectious personalties as they interact with the crowd, a collection of original songs that in the not too distant will be considered rock classics and performances like their lives depend on it, more than hit the mark. Job done as more of the KISS Army gave their seal of approval.

Indiana was awesome, thank you to the KISS Army of Fort Wayne, we salute you!