First Answers From The Fan Q&A!

We’ve had our first answers from our fan Q&A for Richard Fortus. You can ask Richard and the rest of the band your own questions here –

QUESTION 1: Hey Richard. i’ve been tryin’ for far too long to control my speed and do what I want with it. any tips for becoming a fast player and for controlling speed on guitar?

ANSWER: I used to run scales and scale patterns up and down the neck while i was watching tv. It allows you to turn off your brain and just let you fingers do the memorizing. I’d often practice with a metronome and after I could play a scale or pattern across the neck 5 times without a mistake, i’d increase the tempo. I’d also spend time just focusing on my right hand without my left hand moving.

QUESTION 2: Richard … Do you recall the times we got tattooed next to each other at MacDougal Tattoo in NYC? Josh worked on you while Andrea worked on me at the next station. I remember when Josh did that beautiful design on your hand. The good old NYC days! Hope to catch you on tour this summer.

ANSWER: I think that I do remember you. Josh is amazing. He now owns East Side Ink and another shop in Brooklyn called Graceland. I think he’s definitely one of the top 10 in the world. Thanks for keeping up with what i’m doing and hope you are enjoying the Dead Daisies as much as I am!


DekiFirst Answers From The Fan Q&A!