2023.11.19 OSLO_DAY_22-59

After three weeks on the road working their way from Switzerland to Norway, The Dead Daisies are closing out the first leg of the tour. They will be back in two weeks time for a bunch of shows in December, but tonight it was Oslo’s time to feel the full force and energy of the band who are currently flying high across Europe with a handful of sell out shows under their belt. Vulkan Arena came alive as set opener‘Resurrected’ burst out of the PA!

John Corabi charged straight into ’Rise Up’ as Doug Aldrich swung his guitar around like he was fighting off the enemy. ‘Bustle and Flow’, ‘Born To Fly’ and ‘Face I Love’ thundered out of the speakers as Michael Devin in his debut European tour made sure the low end of his bass guitar gripped the audience through their chests. The Dead Daisies have really made a huge impression across Europe over the past month and what better way to finish than coming back for another three more weeks!

Additional photos by John Lawcock, Magnus Yli