Although it has been over a week since the Australian tour wrapped up, fans from around Australia and further afield have been posting their views, all of which comes on top of the positive reviews from the recent gigs.

Here are some of the fans thoughts from all over the globe;

Mikkael Smith (USA) Thank you for taking the time to sign my CD and deliver handshakes and small talk after exiting the stage! Individually you guys have covered a lot of ground in the arena of Rock…but together you have a fire and enthusiasm that is lacking with most bands nowadays…. a heartfelt thank you to my friends in Dead Daisies…

Lisa Leversage (AUSTRALIA) I listen to your music in my car continuously, I feel like, well it is addictive, and I want to here more from you guys, Australia needs too wake up and play your music on the radio MMM???

Kevyn Morgan (AUSTRALIA) I have seen a lot of live bands in my life and most recently The Rolling StonesThe Dead Daisies are on par with some of the best all time bands in the world and the sad thing about that is they will only get bigger and they wont play them small pub Gigs anymore but I will see them any chance I get from here on.

Sabine Cannier (BELGIUM) Your music is amazing, best group in recent years.

Its great to have these and the many more positive comments coming in as we all look forward to winning more fans in 2015!

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney