Europe through John Corabi’s eyes PT2

Doesn’t a picture paint a 1000 words? See our European tour through John Corabi’s eyes. Day by day.

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Day 6, O2 Berlin, Germany

A94A9153 A94A8653l



Day 7, Leipzig, Germany

A94A9332 A94A9645 A94A9714 A94A9775



Day 9, Rock In Vienna, Austria

A94A0024 A94A9810 A94A9964


Day 11, O2 Prague, Czech Republic

A94A0730 A94A1149 A94A1182 A94A1372


Day 12, Zurich, Switzerland

A94A1404 A94A1447 A94A1487 A94A1492 DSC00565



Day 13,  Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland

A94A1655 A94A1779 A94A2064 A94A2145



Day 14, Verona, Italy

A94A2559 A94A2530 A94A2274 A94A2194 A94A2145

DekiEurope through John Corabi’s eyes PT2

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