Eruption in Edinburgh – cheers for another sold out show!

Scotland, thanks a ton! You’ve been one of the most dedicated crowds of the tour so far and we had so much fun playing for you and singing along with you guys. Cheers – you know who you are!

It was more than amazing to see that some of you travelled miles and miles to visit our show. We highly appreciate your effort and want to thank you for taking this trouble! Also, it was great to get to know many members of The Chain Gang yesterday! Thank you so much for your support!

This show was very important to us at all levels and that’s why we didn’t just design a special poster artwork for it, but John also gave away a unique t-shirt with the Scottish flag on it by throwing it into the audience. Our best wishes to the lucky catcher!

Another shout-out goes to The Amorettes, our fantastic special guests at The Liquid Rooms!

Scotland, we had an awesome time rocking and rolling with you and we would LOVE to come back very soon! You guys are ACE!

DekiEruption in Edinburgh – cheers for another sold out show!