Dublin, consider yourself rocked!

Wow. What a day. Dublin was so cool… but only in the metaphorical sense, as the „The Academy“ proved to be hot even during soundcheck. But we all don’t mind sweaty shows, do we? The mood was great, so Marco and Doug went next door and got tattoos! The got on so well with the tattoo artists, that they invited them to the to show.

Our friends in Inglorious opened up the night with some high class Rock’n’Roll and set the path for a great night of music. Because tonight was the real test of how far the band has come since ‘new guy’ Doug Aldrich caught ‘The Dead Daisies Express’! Dublin would bare witness to the first headline show of this tour which. At the time of writing, most of them are coming to a point of selling out if they haven’t already. Wow. Thanks!

As the lights went down and the Zep/Sabbath mix kicked in, the band walked on stage to a rapturous Irish welcome and straight in to ‘Midnight Moses’. Bathed in a contrast of green, white and orange lighting throughout the set along with a rowdy excited crowd, it was easy to remember that you were in the capital of Ireland. Although there was a smattering of familiar songs throughout the set by the band’s heroes including ‘Alright Now’ by Free and ‘Helter Skelter’ by The Beatles, it was new material from the forthcoming album ‘Make Some Noise’ that really hit home with the audience. ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Make Some Noise’, Mainline’, ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ and the commercially dripping anthem ‘Song and a Prayer’ blasted out, much to the audiences satisfaction.

As the final chords were rung out of David Lowy’s striking flying V guitar, the band soaked up the warmth from the room both literally and emotionally before taking a final bow. Let’s just say the aftershow drinks were well deserved. Here’s a toast to the rockers of Dublin! Thank you!

DekiDublin, consider yourself rocked!