Double Dose: Two Festivals in one day!

Wow, what a day that was! On July 23rd, the Daisies played not one, but two festivals that happen 250 miles apart. That’s no easy feat for man and machine, but the guys did what a good Rock band does – get on it and MAKE SOME NOISE! Here’s what happened…

At 11am, band and crew hopped onto the bus to drive to Rambin’ Man in Kent, where they were scheduled on stage at 2:30 pm during one of the hottest days of the year. On site, the travel party bumped into a bunch of cool other bands, for instance the Electric Boys, current UK tour mates Inglorious as well former colleagues & friends in Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy. A lot of „Hi!“s and „How have you been?“’s are exchanged and cold beverages consumed. (No surprise there, huh?) John meets his old friend and drummer extraordinaire, Scott Travis, well-known for his work in Judas Priest and Racer X, today on stage with Thin Lizzy. What not everyone knows: John & Scott played together in The Scream!

The show on the MainStage goes down a storm, killer set, killer crowd (see video). The band is gelling at this point of the tour, as are the new songs in the set (and there are many!). No surprise on the turnout at the signing, its MASSIVE, but the Daisies make sure as many fans as possible get their autograph and/or their pic.

But as good as the day is so far, the band needs to get on the road to do in all over again at Rock & Blues Custom Show, a biker festival in Derby. They all hop on the bus at 4pm. The band relax and chill in order to recharge the ROCK. At 9pm, the Daisies mobile rolls onto the festival site, a beautiful country location filled with loads of bikers with patches, leather and the whole nine yards. This is in stark contrast to Ramblin’ Man, and its great to have the opportunity to hit both of these cool festivals. The band go straight to a signing at 9:30pm, then it’s showtime!

The gig in a marquee tent is one of the longest on the tour, clocking in a full 90 minute set, featuring old and new classics. The guys take no prisoners, all five musicians give it their all. When The Daisies say they will MAKE SOME NOISE, they WILL thank you very much!

No wonder, everyone’s is equally exhausted and adrenalized when the bus leaves at 1am for the hotel. Some beverages are had (big surprise again), and of course every conversation is absolutely serious and straight-faced. Even if it turns out, Tichy rather plays a „Dumb Solo“ then a „Drum Solo“. Because he can. What a day.

DekiDouble Dose: Two Festivals in one day!