What Are The Dead Daisies Doing Now?

It’s been over a month since our Australia tour ended and have all been off in different directions with other side projects. Here is an update into what we have all been doing.

Jon Stevens is currently underway on a solo Australian tour. The tour covers all areas of Australia including shows in NSW and VIC. You can catch all his tour dates HERE: http://bit.ly/1hj4DPC


Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed are still underway of their tour with Guns N’ Roses throughout South America. The tour runs right through April with some later dates extending into North America. Check out all the tour dates HERE: http://bit.ly/1hCL2Ff


John Tempesta is currently touring with The Cult around North America. This includes a number of appearances on major festivals such as Coachella and Rockville Festival. All the tour dates can be found HERE: http://bit.ly/1hCLa7y


Marco Mendoza is collaborating on a number of projects including his new sideproject, WAMI and an appearance on Neal Schon’s new album. You can check out WAMI HERE: http://bit.ly/PTsb2U and Neal Schon’s new work HERE: http://bit.ly/1oOa0Lw


David Lowy is currently with Jon Stevens on writing new music for The Dead Daisies. Stay tuned as we are released new music very very soon!



DekiWhat Are The Dead Daisies Doing Now?