The Dead Daisies made their debut on Spanish territory


For the first time in their short history, The Dead Daisies made their debut on Spanish territory. The beautiful Catalonian city of Barcelona full of culture and featuring many works of the artist Gaudí now had the musical artwork of the Daisies to splash across its airwaves.

Like Cuba earlier in the year, this latin audience loved their music and The Dead Daisies immediately struck a note in the hearts of this passionate crowd.

As ever, ‘Mexico’ started it off but with an eruption of noise which continued all the way through the set to its conclusion of ‘Helter Skelter’ and with everything in between.

Corabi once again had the audiences feeding out of the palm of his hand, and for brief moments, had you not seen the odd painted face and Kiss t-shirt, you would think it was a Dead Daisies audience and show.

There is no doubting that the Latinos love their music with a passion, and the Barcelona concert showed they love The Dead Daisies with that same passion too!



DekiThe Dead Daisies made their debut on Spanish territory

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