A day off in London before Download Festival


After the drama of performing in a venue once roamed by lions, Gladiators and possibly Russell Crowe, the band had a less dramatic day leaving Verona behind for London.

The band were driven to their hotel, then everyone took the opportunity of the independence and went off to do their own thing, while John and Marco carried on the important promo work with media interviews.

Those of the team not involved in promotional duties took the opportunity to take in the sights of the city including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace and lets not forget about the big red buses, who just like the Daisies who you wait to see for ages, then they all arrive at once… (keep an eye on www.thedeaddaisies.com for announcements coming soon)!

On Saturday the band will head for one of the biggest rock festivals in the world when they make their way to the Donnington Race Track in the Midlands and the home of the Download Festival, and they can’t wait, but don’t worry London, in the words of Arnie, “We will be back!”



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DekiA day off in London before Download Festival