David Lowy Answers Questions From The Dead Daisies Q&A

We recently ran a Q&A inviting all our fans to ask any of us a question. David Lowy has answered his first round of questions below.

QUESTION 1 – Slavco Zipevski -Which Aussie bands did you grow up loving and would you love to tour with them here in Australia.

ANSWER – My favourite Aussie bands are AC/DC, Cold Chisel / Jimmy Barnes & The Angels. In my very early years I loved Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs.

I’d love to tour with AC/DC. I’ve been fortunate enough to play a few gigs with The Angels and I had a project with Doc Neeson from The Angels called Red Phoenix. The Dead Daisies have also toured with Jimmy in Australia.

QUESTION 2 – Johnny Blade – whats crazier flying a spitfire at Temora or playing with The Dead Daisies ?

ANSWER – I love flying and I love playing music. I’m not sure which is crazier but flying a 70 year old fighter plane at 650kmh and then rolling it upside down is probably a little crazy!

QUESTION 3 – Maiane – What advice could you give to people who are starting a band or have that dream? What they need to know, first of all?

ANSWER – Go for it, give it everything you’ve got (it will take that much and then some more!). It’s been said many times before “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll”


DekiDavid Lowy Answers Questions From The Dead Daisies Q&A