The Daisies Over Musikmesse (Thursday)

Frankfurt, April 7th, 2015: So now it’s here. The day of the first show for 2016, and also the first show with Doug Aldrich! The Musikmesse is on, and the Daisies are all over it. Energy is high, everyone’s looking forward to get going after the long weeks in the studio, and a look at the schedule shows: This will be a full, full day…

First the day starts with interviews for Doug and David in the hotel, while Brian and Marco are doing their clinics at the Messe fairgrounds. And since it’s not only the first electric show of this line-up, but acoustic performances are lined-up as well, the guys get together backstage and play around with the unplugged set. Quite a few ideas for for fun covers are thrown around…

But first there is the “plugged” show with full-on Rock’n’Roll. A lot of people came out to the center stage, obviously curious about what the new Daisies line-up would sound like. And guess what… they rock! The set starts with “Midnight Moses” and showcases the best stuff of the two albums, a cool cover of “Fortunate Son” and even a new song! Especially Marco and John get the crowd going, Doug shreds and looks right at home.  “With You And I” grooves like hell, and a rousing rendition of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” closes the festivities. Cool. Now imagine this band having a dozen shows under their belt and being in full tour-mode…

Afterwards it’s off to the Messe halls for the acoustic session. The set starts with “Angel In Your Eyes” and turn the booth into a bar. People are clapping along, singing along, dancing along. The guys keep it loose and fun, crack jokes and end the event with the Stones’ “Honky-Tonk Woman”. That was fun!

More on the setlist, the new songs and the vibe tomorrow. Here are a couple of shots for you to enjoy!






DekiThe Daisies Over Musikmesse (Thursday)

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