Manchester, or ‘Madchester’ as it was renamed in the 90s once again adopted that slogan as The Dead Daisies finally returned for the first time since April 2018! It’s safe to say the fans who packed into the O2 Ritz venue went wild and took the bar up even higher from the previous night’s show in Nottingham if that was even possible! Glenn’s vocals soared like an eagle above the crowd and were performing like a well oiled and tuned magnificent machine sounding like a much younger man than someone full of years of experience! With the addition of the twin attacking guitars of David and Doug and the thunderous drumming of Tichy which everyone was delighted to see back, it’s safe to say that the band came back and staked their claim as one of Rocks best live acts tonight!

Highlights of the show were ‘Mistreated’ which is starting to sound like a Daisies original even though its a true classic, ‘Fortunate Son’ including a huge crowd participation singalong and new songs from the latest album ‘Radiance’ like ‘Shine On’ became as equally stand out moments in the show that would create memories for many years to come for those that witnessed the gig tonight. The band is geared up and ready! Next up, the band heads to the capital. London’s calling, so make sure you have your ticket before it’s too late!

Additional photos by Aaron Az Haslam, Alan Houghton, Alwyn Flatley, Chris Lee, Collette Carpenter, Darren Jones, Diego Alós López, Graham Addison