Our Concert For Freedom – Woodstock Poland with the Gorzów Philharmonic

Now that our Concert For Freedom at Woodstock Festival Poland is behind us, we wanted to give you a little background story to what went on to become an unforgettable week for us!

It all began after our fantastic show at the festival last year, when we were invited to return to Woodstock by festival founder Jurek Owsiak. Jurek had fallen in love with the band and had the idea for a “special concert” for this year’s festival. We loved the festival, the people and the overall vibe and were honoured to be asked back!

After some collective brainstorming we came up with the idea of doing something super special with an Orchestra. A “Concert For Freedom”! Jurek and his team made contact to the magnificent Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra and once they heard the idea they were in! We were stoked beyond anything as soon as we heard the news! Of course we had to go!

Months of preparation started, we picked the list of special songs to perform, got in touch with the orchestra, the people who wrote the score, the background singers and all the other moving pieces you need to pull off an event of this magnitude.

Finally, the day came and we arrived in Gorzów, Poland.

Just meeting the orchestra was a highlight in itself! Everyone was incredibly nice and respectful, we were overwhelmed by such a warm welcome! And to hear the music with the Orchestra was an incredible experience.

The rehearsals with the Gorzów Philharmonic were very humbling and exciting at the same time. Playing with these amazing musicians and working with their fantastic conductor Monika Wolińska made us appreciate the music even more. And our lovely background singers Ania and Ewa added another layer of awesome!

The two rehearsal days at the Philharmonic went by in no time. And suddenly, we found ourselves on the big festival stage. Setting up with the Orchestra the day before the show and hearing this music on the big stage gave us an idea how awesome this could become.

But nothing really got us ready for the show day. With a crowd that filled the entire massive festival grounds as far as the eye could see and that was more than ready to celebrate, we were in for the treat of our lives.

What a show it was! The Gorzów Philharmonic and ourselves gave it everything we had and the crowd had just as much fun as we did! Their energy, the energy of the Orchestra and our energy all merged into something impossible to describe. What we experienced at Woodstock on Thursday truly was a life-changing moment and a testament to the power of music!

Woodstock Poland, we’d like to express our utmost gratitude to you for welcoming us with open arms and sharing this amazing experience with us. We’ll never forget this magical night!

Everyone that was involved in this adventure – we love you – you guys are the best!
We WILL see you again!!

The Dead Daisies

DekiOur Concert For Freedom – Woodstock Poland with the Gorzów Philharmonic