As the band entered the studio for week two, the groundwork for a good part of the album had been laid out, while this week would see more foundations put in place.

Once again Brian Tichy was the main focus as he worked through his drum tracks with producer Ben assisting him to get the biggest, baddest, boldest sound from his kit. He plays the drums like a human thunderstorm live, so the aim was to capture that sound with the record button pressed firmly down. Brian was fully charged and had reached the halfway point on the drums as they began.

David, Doug and Glenn played along with Brian to get a real live groove on the studio recording. It is important that the songs still have a concert feel to them even on the finished record. Focused and well rehearsed to record the next collection of epic Daisies songs, the band tracked with Brian.

As the guys take a break from the studio while Doug becomes Soccer dad for the weekend, next up will be the guitars. Loud, crunchy, attacking and powerful would be a good way to describe the twin attack of David and Dougs guitars which will have their turn in the recording room next. This will be AWESOME!!