After a short flight from the Midlands to Yorkshire, The Dead Daisies arrived to prepare for the final stop in this current visit to the UK. Bingley is another gig that has been sold out for weeks, once again, showing the bands growing reputation particularly in the UK.

The great summer weather is following the band and today was no different. The warmth continued in the welcome to the venue, first by the family who run the Arts Centre then later from a packed crowd.

Before heading back to Europe and more sold out shows, Bingley would have the opportunity to see the full force of The Dead Daisies live show. Like a tornado bursting on to the stage, the band hit the ground running with set opener and fan favourite ‘Midnight Moses’ before crushing renditions of ‘Evil’ and new song ‘Make Some Noise’. The first single from the new album ‘Long Way to Go’ received a colossal cheer, familiar through its continuous spinning on Planet Rock Radio.

The monstrous energy continued to be generated from the stage throughout the Bingley performance with more songs from the new album ‘Make Some Noise’ on display. Tracks like ‘Join Together’ and ‘Last Time I Saw the Sun’ really help set both the live show and the album alight. Tonight also saw the Bingley fans treated to two new songs from the album with the introduction of ‘We All Fall Down’ and ‘How Does it Feel’ which packed a massive sonic punch.

All good things must come to an end, but not before an explosive set of numbers including the world statement to make the planet a better place in ‘With You and I’, the steam train driven ‘Mainline’ and mammoth versions of the Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’ and Deep Purples ‘Hush’.

If energy levels allowed, both the band and audience would have played and cheered all night. As ever, the growing legion of fans were tremendous. The band are already looking forward to making their UK return in November. Another night of fantastic memories created. Thank you Bingley!