The band arrived at Lititz early afternoon, then David and John had a wander around the Pennsylvania city to explore.

Mickey’s Black Box is another venue the band have played before, and it is a favourite, because the crowd here are loud, love their Rock music and can’t wait for the Daisies to roll into town!

After two local bands Rahway and Ben Ginder Group warm up the crowd, the smoke machines fill the stage and the intro music blasts out of the PA! Then Doug begins proceeding with a riff that will become a classic over time, it’s the brand new song ‘Light ‘Em Up’, and as the lights blast on with smoke fading enough to see the entire band rip through the title track of the album before entering into more familiar territory as they switch into ‘Rise Up’!

Bathed in blood red light and as if the crowd were not already screaming for joy, the striking chords and rhythm for a classic Zombie and Vampire anthem comes exploding out of the speakers, ‘Dead and Gone’ has everyone singing and punching the air as Mr Corabi takes the song by its neck and screams ‘I ain’t a man to cast a stone, brother I believe’.

With a tightly wound bass and drum section featuring powerhouse drummer Tommy Clufetos and Michael Devin partnering, there is a perfect musical bed for David Lowy and Doug Aldrich to lay down their monster guitars as John Corabi with his own unique style invites you in for much more than you thought was possible.

As the end of the night comes with the charging power riff of ‘Long Way to Go’ and the wild ride that is ‘Helter Skelter’, the band slip off into the night leaving a truly exhausted and happy crowd who have just witnessed the band burst out of Mickey’s Black Box tonight!

Additional photos by Bob Watts, Frank Thon, Mandi Stancill, Tammie Hughes, Laura Dame, Pamela Roseann, Robin Schweitzer, Steven Smith, Todd Leas, Vonie Long, Atsuko Kuniyoshi, Duane Madeira, Joey Orner, Peter Cooper