Brian Tichy Answers Questions From Our Q&A

Brian has answered his first round of questions from our Q&A which we have been running through our Facebook. If you have a question for Brian or any of us in The Dead Daisies, you can ask them here –

QUESTION 1: Mike Keon – First rock” song you ever learned/performed?”

The first song I played to was probably something off KISS Destroyer on a snare drum only.

The first song I performed would have been some other KISS tune in front of relatives at Xmas or something….!!

QUESTION 2: Tom Jacobs -How’s does playing in the Daises alter your drumming compared with your other projects. S.U.N. or the Bonzo Bash for example?

I play for the band first. I want to make them happy and then take it from there. I try to play smart and then see if there’s any wiggle room to add on stuff I dig or that I naturally lean to…

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DekiBrian Tichy Answers Questions From Our Q&A